Hi, my name is Simon Lawrence!

I'm a Drupal Web Developer & Digital Designer based in Halifax, NS, Canada. My passion is all things interactive, so I spend my days working at Bits Creative Agency as their Senior Web Application Architect and Lead Developer, and in my spare time I'm either learning some cool shit, playing video games, or working on the things listed below.

If you need help with your website, social media, e-commerce, email marketing, Google Analytics and more, connect with me using your preferred method:
Email | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Medium | Github | Drupal.org

Speak soon,

Film Festivals & Events:

scandinavianfilmfestival.com (2014-2018)
germanfilmfestival.com.au (2018)
americanessentials.com.au (2016-2018)
spanishfilmfestival.com (2012-2018)
youngatheart.net.au (2017-2018)
cinelatinofilmfestival.com.au (2016-2017)
britishfilmfestival.com.au (2013-2017)
palaceoperaandballet.com.au (2009-2017)
italianfilmfestival.com.au (2007-2017)

Community Projects:

halifaxearlychildhoodschool.ca (2014)


palacefilms.com.au (customized Wordpress template)

Movie Theatrical Releases:

welcomemovie.com.au (2010)